Slide & Spin Small

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Slide & Spin Small

Brand: Jungle Talk

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Features & Benefits

Introducing the Jungle Talk Slide & Spin Small, a versatile and interactive toy designed to entertain, stimulate and maintain the well-being of your pet bird. This intelligently crafted toy, specifically made for our feathery companions, will keep them engaged and entertained with its colourful, translucent pieces that slide and spin inside a durable acrylic and plastic frame.

One of the most important aspects of owning a pet bird is ensuring that they remain physically and mentally active. The Slide & Spin toy caters to this need, as birds are intrigued to explore and manipulate the fruit-indulged sliding pieces. This level of interaction helps to prevent boredom and encourages mental stimulation, which is essential for the overall health and happiness of your bird.

Moreover, the Jungle Talk Slide & Spin Small not only provides entertainment but also serves a vital role in beak maintenance and preening. It encourages your bird to use their beak while engaging with the toy, ultimately promoting healthy beak muscle development and maintenance. Furthermore, this enjoyable toy will stimulate preening behaviours, ensuring that your bird keeps their feathers clean and well-groomed.


Designed with a compact size, the Jungle Talk Slide & Spin Small (SKU: 65229) can easily fit into your bird’s cage without much hassle. Its convenient size makes it the perfect addition to your pet bird’s environment, greatly enhancing their daily activities and entertainment quotient.

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