Sneakers & Bells Bird Toy Extra Large

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Sneakers & Bells Bird Toy Extra Large

Brand: Kazoo

Categories: Birds, Bird Toys



Features & Benefits

The Kazoo Sneakers & Bells Bird Toy Extra Large provides an engaging and stimulating activity for your feathered friend. Handcrafted with colourful sneakers and vibrant bells, this interactive toy is designed to cater to your pet bird’s natural instincts for pulling, tugging, and disassembling items.

Providing your bird with a variety of textures and materials, the Kazoo bird toy promotes essential mental and physical exercise, keeping them entertained and reducing boredom, which can be a common issue in captive birds. As they explore and play with the different elements within the toy, they also get to exercise their beaks and feet, strengthening their muscles and maintaining overall wellbeing.

The destructive aspect of this toy, as seen with the inclusion of paper and cardboard, mimics how birds behave in the wild, encouraging a sense of fulfilment and satisfaction while playing. By offering a captivating toy that supports their natural instincts, you are contributing towards the happiness and longevity of your pet bird.


This Kazoo Sneakers & Bells Bird Toy is available in an Extra Large size, making it suitable for a wide variety of pet birds, including parrots, cockatoos, and large conures. Invest in your bird’s happiness and wellbeing with a toy that meets their unique needs, presented by Planet Pet—a trusted and knowledgeable source for all your pet product requirements.

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