Orchard Grass 1.13kg

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Orchard Grass 1.13kg

Brand: Oxbow



Features & Benefits

Oxbow Orchard Grass is a high-quality and nutritious hay choice for your beloved pet rabbits and guinea pigs. The dedicated selection process by John Miller, a fifth-generation farmer, ensures that each bag of Oxbow hay is of premium quality. This aromatic grass helps promote your pets' appetite while also preventing obesity, making it a fundamental component in their daily diet.

Orchard Grass contains an optimal balance of protein and fibre, making it essential for your furry companions' overall health. As it plays a critical role in the maintenance of gastrointestinal and dental health, it is advisable to have it occupy 75% of your pet’s diet.

Furthermore, this enticing and comfortable hay serves multiple purposes in your pet’s habitat: a source of nourishment, a soft bedding material, and an environment for burrowing - bestowing a sense of security and contentment for your pets. Choose Planet Pet’s Oxbow Orchard Grass 1.13kg for your rabbits and guinea pigs to ensure they receive the best possible care.

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