Western Timothy Feeding Hay 1.13kg

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In Stock

Western Timothy Feeding Hay 1.13kg

Brand: Oxbow



Features & Benefits

High-quality hay for small animals: Oxbow Western Timothy Feeding Hay offers optimal nutrition for bunny rabbits and Guinea Pigs, providing a balanced diet that promotes healthy digestion and regularity. Sourced from high-quality Timothy grass, this hay is enriched with long fibres that aid in proper gastrointestinal function.

Supports dental health: The unique texture of Western Timothy Feeding Hay encourages natural chewing behaviours, helping to prevent common dental issues such as molar spurs. With a low calcium and low protein formula, this hay promotes healthier gums and stronger teeth, ensuring the overall well-being of pets.

1.13kg package for convenience: Supplied in a 1.13kg bag, Oxbow Western Timothy Feeding Hay ensures a long-lasting supply for pet owners. To maintain freshness, it is essential to change the hay regularly and keep it readily available for pets to enjoy.

Trusted by professionals: Planet Pet is committed to providing top-quality products to pet owners in Australia, and Oxbow is a brand that shares this commitment. With decades of industry experience, our knowledgeable team ensures that every pet product offered meets the highest standards of quality and effectiveness.

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