Adult Hookbill 2mm Pellet Bird Food 2kg

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In Stock

Adult Hookbill 2mm Pellet Bird Food 2kg

Brand: Peckish



Features & Benefits

Optimal Nutrition for Adult Hookbill Birds: Specially formulated to meet the nutritional needs of small adult hookbill species such as Budgies, Collater and Lovebirds, these enticing 2mm pellets are both delicious and nutritious.

Rich in Essential Vitamins and Minerals: The Peckish Adult Hookbill 2mm Pellet Bird Food contains a balanced blend of essential vitamins and minerals, promoting optimal feather development and overall health in your beloved pet birds.

Uniform Nutrient Blend: Each pellet has a uniform blend of nutrients, making it difficult for birds to selectively choose specific nutrients, ensuring that they receive a complete diet with all the essential nutrients they require for a healthy lifestyle.

Quality-Assured Bird Food: Trust in the Peckish brand to provide premium quality bird food for your adult hookbill species. With 2kg of bird food, you can confidently cater to the dietary needs of your pet birds over a reasonable period.

With Planet Pet, you can be assured of top-quality products and excellent service, ensuring a great experience for both you and your pets. Choose the Peckish Adult Hookbill 2mm Pellet Bird Food 2kg for a diet that will keep your bird companions happy and healthy.

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