Adult Hookbill 4mm Pellet Bird Food 2kg

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In Stock

Adult Hookbill 4mm Pellet Bird Food 2kg

Brand: Peckish



Features & Benefits

Introducing the Peckish Adult Hookbill 4mm Pellet Bird Food, specifically formulated to cater to the dietary needs of large adult hookbill species. Comprising a delicious and healthy blend of essential vitamins and minerals, this 2kg pack supports optimal health, strong feather development, and vitality for beloved avian companions like Cockatoos, Galahs, and Major Mitchells.

One of the key benefits of this bird food is its Uniform Blend that actively prevents selective nutrition. This balanced, nutritionally complete formulation ensures that each pellet delivers the required nutrients for your feathered friend’s overall well-being.

Choosing Peckish Adult Hookbill 4mm Pellet Bird Food guarantees a high-quality, nutritious, and appetising meal option for your bird. Moreover, Planet Pet’s dedication to offering reliable and professional pet care products make it the ideal place to find the best selection for all pet needs.

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