Junior Dwarf Greens Hay 750g

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Junior Dwarf Greens Hay 750g

Brand: Peckish



Features & Benefits

Introducing the Peckish Junior Dwarf Greens Hay, a specially formulated hay blend designed to cater to the unique dietary requirements of miniature rabbits and guinea pigs. This nutritious mix is abundant in fibre, protein and calcium, promoting healthy growth and robust bone development in your beloved pets.

Derived from Luzerne Hay, a vital staple in the diets of rabbits and guinea pigs, this hay provides a natural source of vitamin D. This essential nutrient supports cell renewal and tissue repair, contributing to the overall well-being of animals.

As a product of Planet Pet, a trusted name in Australia’s pet product industry, you can be assured of the premium quality and expert formulation of the Peckish Junior Dwarf Greens Hay. Give your furry friends the perfect balance of essential nutrients and vitamins with this beneficial hay blend.


Available in a 750g package, the Peckish Junior Dwarf Greens Hay provides ample supply for your miniature rabbits and guinea pigs to thrive and flourish. Make a rewarding investment in the health and happiness of your pets with this versatile and nourishing hay mix.

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