Rabbit Young Diet Rabbit Food 2.25kg

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Rabbit Young Diet Rabbit Food 2.25kg

Brand: Oxbow



Features & Benefits

Specifically formulated for young rabbits: Oxbow Rabbit Young Diet Rabbit Food is a 2.25kg bag of specially designed food to meet the nutritional needs of growing rabbits, ensuring they get the essential nutrients required for optimal development.

Alfalfa hay-based recipe: This premium rabbit food is made with an alfalfa hay base, providing high-quality fiber and protein necessary for muscle growth and overall health of your young rabbit.

Rich in essential nutrients: Packed with vital nutrients, minerals, and essential oils, Oxbow Rabbit Young Diet promotes overall strength and vitality. Along with the alfalfa hay, the formula contains digestible ingredients to provide complete energy and nutrient supply for your bunny.

Calcium for strong bones: Young rabbits require calcium for proper bone development, and this rabbit food delivers the needed calcium content to support their growth.

Suitable for rabbits with weight issues: The nutritional profile of Oxbow Rabbit Young Diet Rabbit Food also makes it suitable for older rabbits struggling with weight loss, helping them maintain a healthy weight.

Choose Planet Pet’s Oxbow Rabbit Young Diet Rabbit Food to ensure your bunny gets the right nutrition for their growth and development. Trust in the expertise of Planet Pet, an Australian leader in pet products, to deliver the best for your furry friend.

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