Combo Kabobs Bird Toy

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Combo Kabobs Bird Toy

Brand: Penn Plax

Categories: Birds, Bird Toys



Features & Benefits

Introducing the Penn Plax Combo Kabobs Bird Toy, specifically designed to provide your beloved feathered friend with endless entertainment, mental stimulation, and overall enrichment. Expertly crafted with pet-safe, non-toxic materials, this captivating bird toy is sure to brighten any bird’s day and living space.

Featuring a unique combination of rawhide, sticks, vibrant acrylic rings, pumice shells, and knotted pieces of dark brown rope, the Combo Kabobs Bird Toy encourages various forms of play and interaction, promoting optimal beak and nail health. To add even more excitement to your bird’s playtime, a genuine, attention-grabbing cowbell has been incorporated into the design.

Constructed with a durable metal rod, this bird toy is easily attached to the cage using a secure c-clamp, ensuring it remains in place while your bird enjoys countless hours of engaging play. Trust in the Penn Plax brand and Planet Pet’s commitment to providing high-quality pet products that support the wellbeing and happiness of your pet.

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