Terracotta Blue Glazed 19.6Cm Pet Bowl 1765ml

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In Stock

Terracotta Blue Glazed 19.6Cm Pet Bowl 1765ml

Brand: Pet One



Key Features & Benefits

High-Quality Material: The Terracotta Blue Glazed 19.6Cm Pet Bowl is crafted from premium, organic terracotta, ensuring long-lasting durability and reliability for pet parents seeking the best for their furry friends.

Perfect Size: With a capacity of 1765ml and measuring 19.6cm in diameter, this pet bowl is suitable for pets of all shapes and sizes, catering to a variety of feeding habits and preferences.

Attractive Design: Featuring an eye-catching blue-glazed finish, this terracotta pet bowl will complement any household aesthetic or pet owner’s style, giving a chic touch to mealtime routines.

Easy to Clean: The smooth, glazed surface of this Pet One bowl ensures easy maintenance and cleanup, allowing pet parents to conveniently keep their pets' food and water fresh, clean, and enticing.

Trust Planet Pet for offering the finest pet products, like this Terracotta Blue Glazed 19.6Cm Pet Bowl by Pet One, to provide stylish and practical solutions that prioritize the well-being of pets and their families.

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