Terracotta Blue Glazed 22.5Cm Pet Bowl 2900ml

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In Stock

Terracotta Blue Glazed 22.5Cm Pet Bowl 2900ml

Brand: Pet One



Features & Benefits

Pet One Terracotta Blue Glazed 22.5cm Pet Bowl is an exquisite and reliable choice for pet owners seeking both style and practicality. Designed to suit a range of pets, this 2900ml bowl promises durability and longevity while maintaining an elegant appearance.

Made with high-quality terracotta, the bowl is known for its excellent heat retention, ensuring that both food and water remain fresh and clean. The smooth, clean glazed finish not only enhances the bowl’s aesthetic appeal, but also ensures easy cleaning and maintenance. Furthermore, the generous 22.5cm diameter and 2900ml capacity make this pet bowl ideal for accommodating the needs of pets of various sizes and appetites.

Choosing Planet Pet means trusting a business that genuinely cares about both the customer and their furry friends. As an Australian pet products industry leader, Planet Pet is committed to offering quality products that not only meet, but exceed expectations. The Pet One Terracotta Blue Glazed Pet Bowl is a perfect example of Planet Pet’s dedication to providing top-notch pet care essentials at competitive prices.

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