You & Me Printed Small Pet Water Bottle Medium

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You & Me Printed Small Pet Water Bottle Medium

Brand: YOU & ME



Features & Benefits

The You & Me Printed Small Pet Water Bottle Medium is a reliable and stylish choice for pet owners to provide their beloved small pets with a constant supply of fresh water. Expertly designed by the renowned pet product brand, You & Me, this easy-to-install water bottle ensures cleanliness and eliminates unnecessary mess.

Size & Specifications

This medium-size You & Me water bottle features a fresh, eye-catching print and has the following dimensions:

  • Bottle & Tube: 24cm (height) x 9cm (width) x 9cm (depth)
  • Bottle Alone: 16.5cm (height) x 6cm (width) x 6cm (depth)

With a generous capacity of 502ml, it ensures that your pet stays hydrated throughout the day without frequent refilling. It is perfect for small pets such as rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, and more.

Why Choose Planet Pet

At Planet Pet, customer satisfaction is always a top priority. By choosing our high-quality pet products, including the You & Me Printed Small Pet Water Bottle Medium, customers can trust in our 20 years of industry experience and commitment to excellent service. Pet owners in Australia can depend on Planet Pet for professionalism, knowledge, and the best range of pet products available.

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