Top Fill Drink Bottle 560mL

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In Stock

Top Fill Drink Bottle 560mL

Brand: Pet One



Features & Benefits

Stay Hydrated: The versatile and durable Pet One Top Fill Drink Bottle ensures that small pets, such as rabbits and guinea pigs, stay well-hydrated throughout the day. With a 560ml capacity, this bottle caters to their daily water intake needs.

Easy to Refill: The top fill spout design makes refilling the bottle a breeze, ensuring that pets have constant access to fresh water. The ball-bearing nozzle regulates the water flow smoothly, reducing the chances of overflowing or messy spills.

Secure Attachment: This drink bottle can be securely attached to the sides of cages and enclosures using a twist-lock fixture, providing a convenient, sturdy, and accessible hydration solution for pets.

Ensure your pets remain comfortable, healthy, and happy with the reliable and spacious Pet One Top Fill Drink Bottle. Make hydration easy and efficient, so you can focus on enjoying time spent with your beloved small animals.

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