Starter Poultry Kit Grey 84.5x49x37cm

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In Stock

Starter Poultry Kit Grey 84.5x49x37cm

Brand: Pet One



Your First Chicken Kit: Complete Care for Chicks

Nurture and care for your newborn chicks with the ultimate starter kit from Pet Ones. This all-in-one solution provides a safe and comfortable environment for chicks up to six weeks of age, ensuring they grow into healthy, happy chickens.

Features & Benefits

Consistent warmth and comfort: The ceramic heat lamp and reflector, included with the kit, guarantee a cozy environment for your chicks, maintaining an optimal temperature.

Minimize food wastage: The poultry gravity feeder features anti-flick fins, reducing food wastage and ensuring fresh, dry feed for your chicks. The lid also acts as a protective cover, keeping the food from becoming wet or stale.

Effortless watering: The poultry drinking device is designed for easy disassembly and cleaning. With its twist-lock base, the device prevents water spillage, ensuring a clean, hassle-free environment.

Simple access: The top opening of the enclosure allows for convenient access, making it easy to maintain and care for your chicks.

Durable design: The sturdy wire mesh cover and easy-to-clean plastic base provide reliable protection and hygiene for your chicks, ensuring their safety and well-being.

Secure enclosure: The wireframe clips included fasten to the enclosure base, offering added safety and stability for your tiny feathered friends.

Accommodating: Your First Chicken Kit can comfortably house up to six chicks or ducklings at a time, making it suitable for small-scale poultry raising ventures.

Perfect for Chicks & Ducklings

Whether you're embarking on your first poultry adventure or expanding your flock, Pet Ones' Your First Chicken Kit is the go-to choice for nurturing newborn chicks and ducklings with ease and confidence.

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2 reviews

Brodey Sheppard - 5
30 August 2021
Great Product!

Bought this for my pet, it's a fantastic product.

Jackson Tester - 4.5
30 August 2021
Good, Could Be Better

This is another test review to see if it fixes my query.

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