Chicken Fun Yellow Food Dispensing Ball

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Chicken Fun Yellow Food Dispensing Ball

Brand: Savic



Features & Benefits

Interactive Feeding: The Savic Chicken Fun Yellow Food Dispensing Ball introduces excitement and entertainment to your chicken’s feeding routine. Safely and slowly releasing their feed as they roll the ball, stimulating their natural foraging instincts.

Mental Stimulation: Keep your flock mentally engaged and cognitively challenged by providing them with this enjoyable toy that encourages problem-solving skills and alleviates boredom.

Easy Refilling: To fill the dispenser, simply lift the black ball at the top, load it with your preferred chicken feed, and let your flock enjoy a novel and stimulating mealtime experience.

Quality Construction: Savic has a long-standing reputation for creating high-quality pet products, ensuring that the Chicken Fun Food Dispensing Ball is durable and reliable, made with materials safe for your chickens to interact with.

Distribute Feed Evenly: This dispenser can help ensure your chickens have equal access to feed, reducing competition and stress in the flock. Planet Pet is proud to offer the Savic Chicken Fun Yellow Food Dispensing Ball to Australian pet owners, enhancing the well-being of their chickens and contributing to a happier, healthier flock.

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