Metro Mouse Enclosure

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Metro Mouse Enclosure

Brand: Savic



Features & Benefits

Introducing the Savic Metro Mouse Enclosure, a fantastic choice for providing a comfortable and stimulating environment for your little rodents. This cage is specially designed for small pets like mice, designed with their needs and safety in mind. The Savic Metro Mouse Enclosure ensures that your tiny furry friends have the perfect space to roam, play and rest.

This mouse enclosure is equipped with a unique indoor fitness centre and play area, providing your pets with plenty of opportunities to exercise and engage their natural instincts. The ergonomic design of the Savic Metro Mouse Enclosure strengthens their physical and mental health while ensuring their safety.

Planet Pet takes pride in being an industry leader in pet products, backed by years of experience and knowledge about pets and their needs. Choose the Savic Metro Mouse Enclosure for your little rodents, and let them enjoy the comfort, safety and the enchanting environment of this top-quality enclosure. Trust in Planet Pet’s expertise and provide the best home for your beloved pets.


  • SKU: Z0024349
  • Brand: Savic

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