Penthouse Mouse Wire Cage Blue/Pink

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In Stock

Penthouse Mouse Wire Cage Blue/Pink

Brand: Pet One



Features & Benefits

Pet One Penthouse Mouse Wire Cage combines functionality, durability, and style, providing your pet mouse with a comfortable and secure home. With two colour options, blue and pink, this cage adds a touch of playfulness and vibrancy to your living space.

The cage features a second level platform that maximizes floor space, allowing increased room for exploration and play. The solid plastic exercise wheel promotes physical activity and keeps your mouse engaged and entertained.

A wired ramp provides easy access to the second level platform, encouraging your mouse to move about freely. The cage is equipped with a clip on and off water bottle to keep your pet well-hydrated, along with a good-sized feeder bowl for convenient feeding.

Featuring a wire-lock mechanism for added security, the Pet One Penthouse Mouse Wire Cage ensures that your furry friend remains safe and content within their home.


The spacious design of the Pet One Penthouse Mouse Cage enables your pet to thrive in an enriched environment that encourages proper exercise and play. The cage dimensions accommodate the needs of your growing pet, providing them with a comfortable living space.

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