Mouse Cage Single Level

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In Stock

Mouse Cage Single Level

Brand: Pet One



Features & Benefits

Introduce your furry friends to a comfortable and secure home with the Pet One Mouse Cage Single Level. Expertly designed for one or two mice, this cage fosters a stress-free environment, encouraging your pets to thrive. The cage measures 34.5cm x 28cm x 34cm, providing ample space for your mice to play, eat, and rest.

Equipped with essential accessories, this Mouse Cage Single Level is a complete habitat for your pets. A water feeder ensures hydration, while the turning wheel promotes physical activity and healthy exercise habits. In addition, it includes a cosy mouse home for resting, creating a haven where your pets can feel safe and relaxed.

Trust in Planet Pet and the reputable Pet One brand to offer a top-quality, functional, and lasting product that will keep your pet mice safe and content. Invest in this Pet One Mouse Cage Single Level today to give your beloved mice a home they deserve.

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