Hanging Cage Stand White

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Hanging Cage Stand White

Brand: Showmaster



Features & Benefits

Introducing the Showmaster Hanging Cage Stand in an attractive white finish, designed to elevate and provide support for pet cages. This durable and stylish stand adds convenience and a touch of elegance to any room, allowing pet owners to present their pets' habitat in the best possible light.

Constructed with quality materials, this stand ensures stability, longevity, and easy assembly. The sturdy frame is perfectly suited for various cage sizes, guaranteeing a proper fit and secure placement. With its versatile design, the Showmaster Hanging Cage Stand can accommodate cages for birds, small animals, or even reptiles, making it an essential accessory for all pet enthusiasts.

By elevating the cage, this stand offers a more comfortable viewing angle, enabling pet owners to better observe and interact with their pets. Additionally, it helps in maintaining cleanliness by keeping the cage off the ground, preventing the accumulation of dirt and debris underneath. Furthermore, the white finish of the stand seamlessly integrates with a variety of interior styles.


The Showmaster Hanging Cage Stand White (SKU: Z0012961) comes in a standard size suitable for a wide range of cages, ensuring compatibility and ease of use for pet owners. Experience the convenience and style today!

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