Cement Bird Swing with Wire Frame

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Cement Bird Swing with Wire Frame

Brand: Penn Plax

Categories: Birds, Bird Toys



Features & Benefits

The Penn Plax Cement Bird Swing with Wire Frame provides an enjoyable playtime experience for your feathered friend while offering a valuable purpose. Designed with a top-quality cement perch, this bird swing effectively trims your bird’s nails as they swing, preventing overgrowth and saving you trips to the groomer.

Constructed with a sturdy wire frame, the swing ensures durability and long-lasting performance, allowing your bird to enjoy countless hours of fun and exercise. The swing is easy to install in any birdcage, providing a stimulating and engaging activity for your pet.


This bird swing is designed to accommodate a variety of bird sizes, making it suitable for most pet birds. It is an essential addition to your birdcage, enhancing your pet’s quality of life with an interactive toy that promotes good nail health.

Purchase the Penn Plax Cement Bird Swing with Wire Frame from Planet Pet, the trusted and reliable Australian pet product provider, and give your bird the opportunity to play, stay active, and maintain healthy nails.

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