Alpine Rabbit Run Large 154x57x51cm

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In Stock

Alpine Rabbit Run Large 154x57x51cm

Brand: TFH

Categories: Rabbits, Rabbit Cages



Alpine Rabbit Run: Large and Spacious

Introducing the TFH Alpine Rabbit Run, specifically designed as a high-quality, durable habitat for rabbits and guinea pigs. Boasting a generous size of 154x57x51cm, this spacious enclosure allows pets ample space to play, explore, and rest.

Expertly crafted from sturdy pine, this rabbit run provides pets with an enclosed, safe area to sleep, while also offering an open section for fresh air and ventilation. Uniquely designed without a base, the Alpine Rabbit Run enables pets to enjoy direct access to fresh grass, promoting natural foraging and grazing behaviours.

Planet Pet is committed to offering the best in pet care and accessories, and the TFH Alpine Rabbit Run makes no exception. The spacious design, combined with the easy-access no-base feature, showcases our dedication to ensuring pet owners have access to products that are both functional and beneficial for their beloved pets.

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