Nut & Suet Metal Bird Feeder Copper 30cm

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In Stock

Nut & Suet Metal Bird Feeder Copper 30cm

Brand: Watson & Williams

Categories: Birds, Bird Feeders



Features & Benefits

The Watson & Williams Nut & Suet Metal Bird Feeder in Copper boasts a beautiful and functional design, perfect for attracting birds to any outdoor space. Measuring 30cm in length, it provides ample room for birds to perch while they feast on nutritious nuts and suet.

This durable bird feeder is crafted from metal with an attractive natural copper finish, ensuring resistance to the elements and a long-lasting, high-quality construction. Easy to clean and refill, the feeder is designed with convenience in mind for pet owners who wish to provide a reliable source of food for their feathered friends.

Designed for hanging from a rope or chain, the Nut & Suet Metal Bird Feeder should be positioned above the ground to deter access by other animals, helping maintain a clean and safe feeding environment for birds. Enhance your outdoor space with the stylish and practical Watson & Williams Nut & Suet Metal Bird Feeder in Copper, offered by the trusted pet product experts at Planet Pet.

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