Canary & Finch Seed 15kg

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In Stock

Canary & Finch Seed 15kg

Brand: Whistler

Categories: Bird Food, Birds, Bird Seeds



Features & Benefits

Whistler’s Canary & Finch Seed provides an optimal blend of seeds designed specifically for these small birds. This carefully crafted 15kg mix boasts high nutritional value, ensuring your feathered friends receive the vital nutrients they require in their daily diet.

Meticulously formulated, the Whistler canary and finch blend prioritises health and well-being, promoting energy and vitality for these active species. Moreover, the quality ingredients in this mix contribute to vivid plumage and enhanced overall immunity in your birds.

Choosing the Whistler Canary & Finch Seed not only supports your birds' health, but also provides a cost-effective feeding solution. The 15kg pack allows you to offer your birds an abundance of nourishment without breaking the bank.

When purchasing from Planet Pet, customers can trust in the exceptional quality of Whistler products. Known for their commitment to clean and fresh ingredients, Whistler’s seed blends consistently meet the industry’s highest standards.


  • 15kg canary and finch seed blend

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