Canary & Finch Seed Mix 2.5kg

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Canary & Finch Seed Mix 2.5kg

Brand: Watson & Williams

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Features & Benefits

Watson & Williams Canary & Finch Seed Mix is a wholesome and nutritious blend specially formulated to cater to the dietary needs of canaries and finches. Made with 100% Australian ingredients, this 2.5kg mix is packed with various millets, canola, Japanese millet, hulled seeds, and daily seed to provide an all-rounded meal for your beloved birds.

The seed mix ensures to keep your birds healthy and happy by offering a well-balanced diet. It also contains added aviary grit, which plays a vital role in the bird's digestion and overall well-being. With carefully selected ingredients, this mix promises quality nourishment for your feathered friends.

Usage & Storage

Before refilling the seed dish, make sure to remove all the seed husks to maintain cleanliness and bird hygiene. It is essential to provide cool, fresh water at all times for your birds' optimal health.

To preserve the freshness and quality of the Canary & Finch Seed Mix, store it away from direct sunlight in a cool, dry place. By choosing Watson & Williams products, you're not only investing in your pet's health but also supporting Australian made products.


The Watson & Williams Canary & Finch Seed Mix is available in a convenient 2.5kg package, perfect for pet owners who want to keep a good stock of quality bird food for their avian companions. Provide the best nutrition for your canaries and finches with this excellent seed mix by Watson & Williams.

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