Cocky & Parrot Seed 15kg

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In Stock

Cocky & Parrot Seed 15kg

Brand: Whistler

Categories: Bird Food, Birds, Bird Seeds



Introducing Whistler Cocky & Parrot Seed

Presenting the Whistler Cocky & Parrot Seed, a top-quality bird food specially crafted for cockatoos and parrots. Weighing in at an impressive 15kg, this nutritious seed blend is designed to meet the unique dietary requirements of these intelligent and captivating birds. Planet Pet is delighted to offer this premium-quality product at an affordable price, making exceptional nourishment accessible for beloved pet birds.

Features & Benefits

  • Specifically tailored to suit the dietary needs of cockatoos and parrots
  • Rich in vital nutrients required for optimal bird health
  • Generous 15kg size ensures a long-lasting supply
  • Quality seed mix without compromising affordability
  • Expertly formulated to provide fresh, clean, and appealing blends

Committed to delivering exceptional value to pet owners, the Whistler Cocky & Parrot Seed demonstrates both Planet Pet’s and Whistler’s dedication to superior pet nutrition. The comprehensive blend of meticulously chosen seeds provides the ultimate diet for beloved feathered friends, keeping them healthy and content. Trust in the Whistler Cocky & Parrot Seed to support the well-being and happiness of cherished pet birds.

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