You & Me Apartment Bird Cage Coffee

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You & Me Apartment Bird Cage Coffee

Brand: YOU & ME

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Introducing the You & Me Apartment Bird Cage

Presenting the stylish and functional You & Me Apartment Bird Cage Coffee, perfect for making your feathered friends feel right at home. This chic house-shaped sanctuary is designed with your bird’s comfort and happiness in mind, providing a safe and secure environment for them to thrive.

Features & Benefits

  • Charming house-shaped design
  • Easy-to-clean slide-out trays
  • Multiple access doors for convenient and secure entry
  • Comes with 2 comfortable perches and 2 hooded feeders
  • Can be hung or paired with a trolley stand (sold separately)

Size and Specifications

The You & Me Apartment Bird Cage measures 69cm in height, 46.5cm in width, and 36cm in depth, with an inner height of 58.7cm. The cage features sturdy 2mm wire thickness and a 9mm wire distance, providing ample space for your bird to move around and spread its wings without obstructions.

When choosing the perfect cage for your bird, it’s essential to consider their specific needs. If your bird is tame and enjoys daily exercise outside of the cage, a slightly smaller space that allows them to spread their wings without obstructions is suitable. However, for untamed birds who spend most of their time inside the cage, a larger space that permits some flight is recommended.

Invest in the You & Me Apartment Bird Cage Coffee today and provide your beloved feathered companion with a safe, comfortable, and stylish home they will adore.

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