Flight Bird Cage with Stand

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Flight Bird Cage with Stand

Brand: A&E

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Introducing the A&E Flight Bird Cage with Stand

Give your feathery friends a stylish and spacious home with the A&E Flight Bird Cage with Stand. Expertly designed and crafted by a trusted brand in pet products, this flight cage is perfect for birds of various sizes, ensuring a comfortable and stimulating environment for your pets.

Features & Benefits

  • Grill and tray for easy cleaning and maintenance
  • Two concave perches for optimal bird comfort
  • Two feeder stations to accommodate different food options
  • Non-toxic, durable, and safe materials used throughout
  • Powder coated finish for a sleek and modern look


Boasting ample space for unrestricted movement, the A&E Flight Bird Cage with Stand measures 53 W x 81 L x 160 H (cm) and is perfect for ensuring the happiness and wellbeing of your beloved avian companions.

Choose Planet Pet for industry expertise, unbeatable customer service, and a commitment to the comfort and safety of your pets. Purchase the A&E Flight Bird Cage with Stand and provide your birds with an ideal living space tailored to their needs.

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