You & Me Bird Flight Cage On Wheels Large

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In Stock

You & Me Bird Flight Cage On Wheels Large

Brand: YOU & ME

Categories: Birds, Bird Cages



The You and Me Bird Cages offer a perfect home for your pet bird, with all the necessary features and amenities to ensure your bird’s happiness and well-being. The spacious design, slide-out trays for easy cleaning, large access door, two perches and four feeders, and the portable stand with lockable castor wheels make it a great choice for your feathered friend. With dimensions of 154cm(h) x 82cm(w) x 52cm(d), it is perfect for small to medium-sized birds.

Features & Benefits

  • It provides a spacious and comfortable habitat for your bird to thrive in
  • Equipped with slide-out trays for effortless cleaning
  • It boasts a large access door for easy access to your pet
  • Includes two perches and four feeders for your bird’s physical and nutritional needs
  • It comes with four lockable castor wheels for convenient relocation


154cm(h) x 82cm(w) x 52cm(d) making it suitable for small to medium sized birds.

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