You & Me Mineral With Bell Bird Toy Multi Colour Large

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You & Me Mineral With Bell Bird Toy Multi Colour Large

Brand: YOU & ME

Categories: Birds, Bird Toys



Features & Benefits

Colourful and Engaging: The You & Me Mineral with Bell Bird Toy adds a colourful and engaging touch to your pet bird’s environment, keeping them stimulated and happy.

Natural Minerals: Made with a mixture of natural minerals, this bird toy provides essential nutrients that are crucial for your pet bird’s overall health and well-being.

Easy to Attach: The bird toy comes with an easy-to-use attachment, enabling you to hang it on your bird’s cage without any hassle.

Entertainment and Exercise: The integrated bell feature adds a touch of playfulness, promoting mental and physical activity for your feathered friend.

Perfect for Large Birds: This Multi Colour Large bird toy is specifically designed to suit large pet birds, ensuring they are engaged and entertained throughout the day.

When it comes to your bird’s health and happiness, Planet Pet understands the importance of providing high-quality products for your feathered friends. The You & Me Mineral with Bell Bird Toy is a perfect addition to your pet’s cage, offering natural minerals, playtime excitement, and interactive entertainment. Don’t miss out on the benefits this large, multi-coloured bird toy can offer; visit Planet Pet today!

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