Large Corner Bird Cage

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In Stock

Large Corner Bird Cage

Brand: A&E

Categories: Birds, Bird Cages



Introducing the A&E Large Corner Bird Cage, a thoughtfully designed haven for your cherished pet birds. With its unique corner-fitting design, you can efficiently use limited space while providing a roomy and secure environment for your feathered companions.

Features & Benefits

  • Space-saving corner design
  • Generous interior for ultimate bird comfort
  • Top play area for exercise and enrichment


With dimensions of 33W x 33L x 72H (in), this corner bird cage comfortably houses your birds without taking up excessive space in your home.

Create an enjoyable and enriching environment for your pets with Planet Pet’s A&E Large Corner Bird Cage. Its expert design not only enhances the beauty of your home but also meets the various needs of your birds. Experience the satisfaction of providing the best home for your winged friends while maximising your available space.

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