You & Me Chicken House with Pitched Roof

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You & Me Chicken House with Pitched Roof

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Introducing the You and Me Chicken House

The You and Me Chicken House with Pitched Roof is a thoughtfully designed, safe and comfortable shelter that offers chickens the ultimate space to thrive. Manufactured to a high-quality standard, this Chicken House is the perfect combination of style, functionality, and durability.

Features & Benefits

Waterproof, asphalt roof - The pitched roof ensures protection against the elements, keeping the interior dry during wet weather.

Easy access door - Conveniently access the Chicken House for cleaning and collecting eggs with ease.

Private laying box - Provides designated space for your hens to comfortably lay their eggs in privacy.

Protects chickens from predators - The secure wire and wood construction keep your flock safe from potential threats.

Provides an enclosed area for shelter - The house is attached to the run, providing a refuge for chickens to rest, lay and sleep.

Durable wood and iron wire construction - The Chicken House withstands the test of time and exposure to the elements thanks to its solid build quality.


Your new Chicken House measures 1213mmH x 1972mmW x 810mmD, offering ample space for your feathered friends to roam, rest and lay.

When it comes to choosing a Chicken House, Planet Pet understands the importance of selecting a safe, comfortable, and functional home for your flock. The You and Me Chicken House with Pitched Roof is designed to fulfil those requirements and more, ensuring your chickens have everything they need to thrive in their new habitat.

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