Small Animal Worming Treatment

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Small Animal Worming Treatment

Brand: Aristopet



Key Features & Benefits

Planet Pet presents the Aristopet Small Animal Worming Treatment, a highly effective solution designed to combat roundworms in small pets, such as rabbits, guinea pigs, and ferrets. This easy-to-use formula is specifically tailored to suit the delicate systems of these animals, ensuring their comfort and well-being during the treatment process.

Made with a pleasant-tasting concoction, pet owners can effortlessly add the recommended dilution to their pet’s drinking water, making the administration process uncomplicated and stress-free. Planet Pet understands the importance of pet health care, and with Aristopet Small Animal Worming Treatment, pet owners can trust that they are providing their furry friends with the best possible care to keep them healthy and happy.

Application & Usage

Please follow the directions on the label for the appropriate dilution before administering the treatment. Regular treatment with Aristopet Small Animal Worming Treatment is essential for maintaining the health of your beloved pet and ensuring they remain free from roundworm infestations. Trust Planet Pet to offer superior pet products and expertise in the Australian pet industry.

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