Acrylic Foraging Triangles Stack Parrot Toy

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In Stock

Acrylic Foraging Triangles Stack Parrot Toy

Brand: Avi One

Categories: Birds, Bird Toys




Small - 30.5 cm
Large - 34 cm

Features & Benefits

  • Diverse textures: This acrylic toy provides a variety of textures to entertain and stimulate your bird.
  • Foraging encouragement: The design of Avi One’s Acrylic Foraging Triangles Stack aids in promoting natural foraging behaviour, helping to prevent boredom.
  • Sturdy construction: Made with bird-safe materials, this parrot toy ensures lasting durability.
  • Easy placement: The toy comes with a lockable pear link, making it simple to secure within your bird’s cage.
  • Variety of styles: Avi One offers an extensive range of textures and styles to cater to your parrot’s individual preferences.

Enhance your feathered friend’s playtime with the Avi One Acrylic Foraging Triangles Stack Parrot Toy. This toy was carefully crafted to keep your bird engaged and promote healthy activity. The high-quality construction and wide range of textures will ensure hours of entertainment for both you and your pet, making it a great addition to any bird cage. Trust in Planet Pet’s expertise and choose Avi One for your bird’s playtime needs today.

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