Paper Rings With Wooden Blocks Bird Toy

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Paper Rings With Wooden Blocks Bird Toy

Brand: Avi One

Categories: Birds, Bird Toys



Features & Benefits

Entertainment and Stimulation: The Avi One Paper Rings With Wooden Blocks Bird Toy provides diverse textures, offering entertainment and stimulation for your feathered friend.

Promotes Foraging: Designed to encourage natural foraging behaviours, this bird toy helps to ward off boredom and keep your bird engaged.

Durable and Safe Construction: Made with your bird’s safety in mind, this toy boasts a durable construction with bird-safe materials, ensuring long-lasting enjoyment.

Easy Cage Placement: The lockable pear link on this toy enables effortless attachment to your bird’s cage, ensuring secure placement.

Size: Measuring at 39cm, this bird toy is suitable for a variety of cage sizes and bird types.

Variety of Styles: The Avi One Paper Rings With Wooden Blocks Bird Toy is available in a range of textures and styles for you to choose from, ensuring you find the perfect fit for your pet’s preferences.

Why Choose Planet Pet?

When you shop with Planet Pet, you’re choosing a trusted and recognized source of quality pet products in Australia. Our selection of Avi One products reflects our commitment to providing your beloved pets with the very best. This Paper Rings With Wooden Blocks Bird Toy is no exception, offering both entertainment and enrichment for your bird in a safe and durable package. Shop with confidence at Planet Pet, where our knowledgeable team is always ready to assist you.

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