Bird Sand Perch Cover Suits 19mm Perches 4 Pack

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In Stock

Bird Sand Perch Cover Suits 19mm Perches 4 Pack

Brand: Avi One



Features & Benefits

The Avi One Bird Sand Perch Cover offers an effortless solution for providing a natural and enriching environment for your feathered friends. This pack includes 4 perch covers, designed to suit 19mm perches and compatible with most pet birds such as parrots, lorikeets, budgies, cockatiels, and canaries.

Functional Design

Each bird sand perch cover is made of sandpaper, which serves a dual purpose in keeping your bird’s nails and beaks trimmed and healthy as they stand on it. Measuring at 23cm, the covers are perfect for accommodating 19mm perches in bird cages of various sizes and styles. This functional design allows your pet to enjoy a more comfortable and stimulating environment while keeping them well-groomed.

Why Choose Avi One Bird Sand Perch Covers?

Avi One is a trusted brand in the pet products industry, with a commitment to offering high-quality and innovative bird accessories. By investing in an Avi One Bird Sand Perch Cover Set, you’re not only helping to maintain the health and well-being of your bird, but also providing a natural makeover for their habitat. Choose Planet Pet to ensure the best selection of pet products for your feathered family members.

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