Adjustable Bird Bath 12x12.5x11cm

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Adjustable Bird Bath 12x12.5x11cm

Brand: Avi One



Features & Benefits

Introducing the Avi One Adjustable Bird Bath, a high-quality and functional accessory designed to enhance your feathered friend’s environment. This sleek bird bath measures 12x12.5x11cm and fits most standard cages, providing a comfortable and accessible space for your bird to enjoy a bath.

Constructed from durable and non-toxic polymer material, the Avi One Adjustable Bird Bath ensures safety for your bird while remaining long-lasting and easy to maintain. The moderately transparent design allows you to monitor your bird’s bathing activity and ensure a clean and fresh bathing area for optimal hygiene.

With its adjustable design, the Avi One bird bath can be easily positioned to suit the needs and preferences of your pet. Easy to install and remove, this accessory offers versatility while requiring minimal effort to set up.

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