Bird Toy Double Sided Mirror with Bell

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Bird Toy Double Sided Mirror with Bell

Brand: Avi One

Categories: Birds, Bird Toys



Features & Benefits

The Avi One Bird Toy Double Sided Mirror with Bell adds both stimulation and entertainment to your bird’s habitat, ensuring a fun and engaging environment for your feathered friends. This versatile toy is designed for birds and parrots, offering a delightful experience for various species.

Boasting a vibrant double-sided mirror and an enticing bell, this bird toy encourages natural behaviours in your pets while keeping them both mentally and physically active. Not only does the mirror provide visual stimulation, but it also keeps your bird entertained for hours as they interact with their own reflection.

Meanwhile, the bell adds an auditory component to playtime, promoting investigation and interaction. This high-quality pet accessory from Avi One will make a welcome addition to any birdcage, ensuring your avian companions remain happy and healthy.


The Avi One Bird Toy Double Sided Mirror with Bell is compact and designed to fit seamlessly into a variety of birdcages, making it the perfect choice for pet owners with limited space. Its lightweight design also allows for easy installation and repositioning as needed.

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