Perch Wooden With Rotating End

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Perch Wooden With Rotating End

Brand: Avi One



Features & Benefits

The Perch Wooden With Rotating End by Avi One is a high-quality bird accessory designed to provide your feathered friend with both physical and mental stimulation. This product effectively targets the potential issue of destructive boredom that avian pets often face, ensuring a happy and healthy environment for your bird.

Equipped with a robust bolt, this natural wooden perch securely attaches to your bird’s cage, promoting balance and coordination development in the process. The rotating end feature adds an extra element of entertainment and challenge for your bird, keeping them engaged and enhancing their overall well-being.

Avi One is a trusted and well-recognised brand in the pet industry, ensuring that their bird toys and accessories are made with durable, bird-safe construction. This particular perch is an excellent addition to a collection of bird toys and accessories, such as mirrors, bells, ladders, and swings, that will keep your winged companion entertained and satisfied.

Choose Planet Pet for a diverse selection of high-quality pet products and let the Perch Wooden With Rotating End bring joy, exercise, and mental stimulation to your bird’s daily routine.

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