Natural Wood Swing Bird Toy

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Natural Wood Swing Bird Toy

Brand: Avi One

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Natural Wood Swing Bird Toy by Avi One

Ideal for keeping your birds entertained and stimulated, the Avi One Natural Wood Swing Bird Toy boasts a colourful design that adds an exciting element to any bird’s playtime. Designed to challenge balance and stability, this swinging perch provides birds with a unique platform to swing, sleep, or hang upside down from.

Constructed using bird-safe materials, you can trust the safety and quality of this accessory, ensuring your birds can play and explore freely while alone. This functional toy helps reduce boredom, keeping your bird’s mind and body active, discouraging destructive behaviour in the process.

Features & Benefits

  • Bird-safe construction ensures a worry-free playtime
  • Colourful design that attracts birds
  • Sturdy wooden perch challenges balance and stability
  • Veratile toy for various bird activities and play styles
  • Quick and easy attachment to any cage
  • Designed for large parrots

Whether it’s used for swinging or simply perching, the Avi One Natural Wood Swing Bird Toy is an excellent addition to any large parrot’s cage setup. Made to hang securely in cages, expect this versatile toy to bring hours of entertainment and satisfaction for your feathered friends.

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