Wooden Bird Perch Suits 450 Series 46cmx15mm 2 Pack

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Wooden Bird Perch Suits 450 Series 46cmx15mm 2 Pack

Brand: Avi One



Key Features & Benefits

The Avi One Wooden Bird Perch, specifically designed for the 450 series, is a versatile addition to any bird’s cage environment. Crafted from high-quality wood, this bird perch measures 46cm in length with a 15mm diameter, providing ample space for your feathered friends to rest and play.

These wooden perches come in a convenient 2-pack, allowing pet owners to get creative with their placement within the bird’s habitat. When positioned at various angles and heights, these perches can keep birds engaged, interested and stimulated, promoting both mental and physical well-being.

Easy Installation & Safety Features

The wooden perches feature slide-on plastic end caps to ensure a secure installation within the bird’s cage. These end caps not only make the installation process swift and hassle-free but also enhance safety by preventing birds from potentially injuring themselves on sharp edges.

Promotes Exercise & Stimulation

The Avi One Wooden Bird Perch serves as an ideal platform for birds to exercise their legs and feet while encouraging them to climb, explore, and maintain an active lifestyle. Furthermore, the perches promote healthy perching habits, enhancing your bird’s overall well-being.

Why Choose Planet Pet?

At Planet Pet, we pride ourselves on providing quality pet products, like the Avi One Wooden Bird Perch, to keep your pets happy and healthy. As experts in the pet industry, our team is dedicated to offering pets and pet owners the most trustworthy, diverse and enjoyable goods. Shop with confidence and satisfaction knowing that Planet Pet is your premier choice for all your bird care needs.

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