Wooden blocks & Pumice with rope

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In Stock

Wooden blocks & Pumice with rope

Brand: Avi One

Categories: Birds, Bird Toys



Features & Benefits

Enhance your avian pet’s health and well-being with the Avi One Wooden Blocks & Pumice with Rope - a top-quality bird toy designed to provide enrichment and entertainment. Keeping your bird engaged helps improve their mood and the environment they live in. By introducing toys with various textures and styles, you promote foraging behaviour and prevent boredom, ensuring your bird stays healthy and happy.

This Avi One bird toy features multiple textures, including wooden blocks, pumice, and durable rope, to entertain and stimulate your pet. The lockable pear link adds an extra layer of safety, allowing for secure attachment to the cage, while offering versatility in the arrangement of toys. Made with bird-safe materials, this combination of loofa, rattan, wood, paper, or plastic toys is an excellent choice to keep your feathered friend engaged and content.


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