Poly Rope Bungee Bird Perch 213cm

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In Stock

Poly Rope Bungee Bird Perch 213cm

Brand: BirdLife



Features & Benefits

Introducing the BirdLife Poly Rope Bungee Bird Perch, an excellent addition to any bird enthusiast’s collection. This 213cm poly-rope perch is made from strong, multi-coloured cotton, providing a sturdy and vibrant play environment for your feathered friend. Designed to encourage activity and play, this bungee perch will help your pet bird stay active and engaged throughout the day.

One significant advantage of this poly-rope perch is its ease of attachment to cage bars, ensuring a secure playing area for your bird. Moreover, its flexible design allows for various positioning options inside the cage, allowing you to create a fun, tailored space for your pet.

Adding to the excitement, the BirdLife Poly Rope Bungee Bird Perch features a nickel-plated bell at the bottom, providing extra jingly fun for your bird to enjoy. Keep your bird entertained and active with this fantastic BirdLife product, available now at Planet Pet for purchase.

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