Poly Rope Bungee Bird Perch 112cm

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Poly Rope Bungee Bird Perch 112cm

Brand: BirdLife



Features & Benefits

Introducing the BirdLife Poly Rope Bungee Bird Perch, a dynamic and interactive addition to any avian living space. Crafted from high-quality, multicoloured cotton, this bungee rope perch is designed to encourage both physical activity and mental stimulation for pet birds.

Measuring 112cm in length, the perch can be hung effortlessly in a birdcage using the included nickel-plated bell. This versatile accessory not only serves to secure the perch but also provides extra auditory stimulation for your feathered friend.

The vibrant and varied colours found on the bungee rope are visually appealing, promoting curiosity and interaction from your bird, keeping them entertained throughout the day. Additionally, the construction of the rope allows for flexibility and movement, offering your bird the opportunity to explore and play, ultimately enhancing their overall well-being.

Choose the BirdLife Poly Rope Bungee Bird Perch for a fun and engaging addition to your pet’s living space that will keep them happy, active, and entertained, ensuring their utmost health and satisfaction.

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