Avian Delight Bar Lorikeet 75g

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Avian Delight Bar Lorikeet 75g

Brand: Wombaroo

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Features & Benefits

Wombaroo Avian Delight Bars offer a delightful range of seed, nut, and fruit bars tailored to meet the nutritional needs of Lorikeets. These bars are enriched with protein and vitamins, ensuring a well-rounded diet for your feathered friend. To further support the health of your Lorikeet, Wombaroo includes an added shell grit, providing a much-needed source of calcium for strong bones and beaks.

Quality Nutrition for Your Lorikeet

With 75g of nourishment packed into each bar, Planet Pet ensures that your Lorikeet receives the utmost care in the form of a delectable treat. Wombaroo’s expertise in crafting premium pet products ensures that your bird’s health and happiness will benefit from these tasty bars. Investing in Wombaroo Avian Delight Bars is a smart choice for Lorikeet owners in Australia, as it keeps your pet satisfied and well-nourished.

Why Choose Planet Pet?

By purchasing from Planet Pet, customers can trust in the quality and safety of the products offered. With a keen understanding of the pet industry and a strong commitment to maintaining high standards, Planet Pet stands out as a preferred choice for pet enthusiasts in Australia. Simplify your shopping experience and feel confident that you are providing the best for your Lorikeet with Wombaroo Avian Delight Bars from Planet Pet.

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