Cockateil Cage 18inch

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In Stock

Cockateil Cage 18inch

Brand: Bono Fido

Categories: Birds, Bird Cages



The Cockatiel Cage, 18 Inches by Bono Fido, is the perfect home for your feathered friend. Designed with your bird’s comfort and well-being in mind, this cage offers a spacious living area with a roof left open during the day and closed at night, providing your bird with the freedom to come and go as it pleases. The cage has a wire distance of 1.8cm, which is safe for your Cockatiel bird and allows for proper ventilation.

The cage is made of high-quality materials that are durable and easy to clean, ensuring that your bird has a comfortable and hygienic living space. The cage also has a removable tray for easy cleaning and four easy-gliding castor wheels, making it easy to relocate the cage.


130cm H x 46cm W x 46cm D, making it the perfect size for Cockatiel birds to move around and play.

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