Budgie Talking Treat 250g

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Budgie Talking Treat 250g

Brand: Joy

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Features & Benefits

Introducing the Joy Budgie Talking Treat, a specially formulated mix designed to keep budgies, cockatiels, and other small birds both happy and healthy. Packed with a blend of high-quality seeds and herbs, this essential mix is enriched with premium vitamins and minerals to provide optimal nutrition.

Perfect as a treat to supplement your birds' regular diet, this 250g pouch can be fed to your feathered friends two to three times a week to keep them content and in good voice. The Budgie Talking Treat not only supports their physical well-being during moulting season, but also encourages their natural singing and talking behaviours, making for an enjoyable bonding experience between pet and owner.

How to Serve

For best results, serve the Budgie Talking Treat in a separate dish to their regular food, with a recommended portion of a teaspoon per bird. During warmer months, you can also supplement their diet with fresh fruits and vegetables, such as apples, oranges, silverbeet, and even dandelions. Always ensure your pets have access to clean, fresh water.

Choose Planet Pet for your pet needs, and bring joy to your budgies and other small birds with the Budgie Talking Treat by Joy.

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