Multivet With Moulting Aid 100mL

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Multivet With Moulting Aid 100mL

Brand: Vetafarm



Features & Benefits

Introducing Vetafarm’s Multivet with Moulting Aid, a specialised bird supplement designed to support overall health while promoting the growth and maintenance of healthy feathers. The comprehensive blend of amino acids, vitamins, and minerals provides a balanced nutritional profile that benefits birds on seed-based diets. The inclusion of a moulting aid facilitates proper feather development in young birds and helps maintain optimal plumage in older birds.


This product contains a 100mL bottle of Multivet with Moulting Aid for birds, conveniently sized to fit any bird owner’s needs.

Nutritional Support

As a day-to-day supplement, Multivet by Vetafarm is effective in providing essential nutrients for birds' overall health. The enhanced vitamin and mineral content of the product also aids in digestion, allowing for rapid nutrient absorption and supports gut health.

Usage Recommendations

Vetafarm’s Multivet with Moulting Aid can be administered daily to younger birds to assist with feather development during this critical stage. For older birds, it should be given every two days as a regular dietary supplement for maintaining optimal health and feather maintenance.

Choose Vetafarm & Planet Pet

When shopping at Planet Pet, customers receive access to Australia’s finest range of pet products, including Vetafarm’s Multivet with Moulting Aid, trusted by bird enthusiasts for years. For professional advice and exceptional service, choose Planet Pet for all your bird care needs.

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