Lorikeet Food Formula

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Lorikeet Food Formula

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Features & Benefits

The Joy Lorikeet Food Formula offers a delicious and nutritious option for your lorikeets' dietary needs. This specially designed blend contains all the essential components for a healthy and balanced diet, including proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, and vital amino acids. The Wet Food Formula ensures optimum enjoyment and nourishment for your birds, satisfying their natural preferences for rich, creamy consistency.

Feeding Instructions

To prepare the Joy Lorikeet Food Formula, simply mix it with water to achieve a warm, creamy mixture, using approximately one tablespoon per bird. Lorikeets are most active during the early morning and late afternoon; therefore, it is recommended to serve the mixture during these times. Be sure to remove any uneaten food after several hours to prevent spoilage and maintain freshness for your pet’s wellbeing.

Complementary Foods

Enhance your Lorikeets' diet with the Joy Lorikeet Fresh Food Formula, alongside a variety of fresh fruit and vegetables such as apples, oranges, silverbeet, and even dandelions. Providing a diverse range of food options will ensure your birds enjoy a well-rounded and enjoyable diet. It is important to note that growing chicks and young birds require feeding twice a day with the wet formula to support their development.

Cleaning & Hydration

Maintaining a clean environment is crucial for your Lorikeets' long-term health. Ensure all food and water bowls are cleaned thoroughly and consistently to prevent the growth of harmful bacteria. Additionally, provide your birds with constant access to clean, fresh water to keep them hydrated and healthy.

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