Cockatiel Seed Treat 300g

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Cockatiel Seed Treat 300g

Brand: Joy

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Features & Benefits

Introducing the Joy Cockatiel Seed Treat 300g, a fantastic addition to the array of pet products offered by Planet Pet. This delectable treat is designed to provide cockatiels with the energy and nutrition they crave for optimum health and happiness. The seed mixture comprises sun-ripened seeds, cereals, fruit, vegetables, honey, shoreline components, yeast, and herbs that come enriched with essential vitamins and minerals.

Offer this treat as a supplement to your bird’s regular diet to maintain their vibrant, talkative nature. A recommended serving would be one teaspoon per bird, fed two or three times per week. During colder months or moulting periods, consider increasing the serving size to provide extra nourishment.

For an even more varied and balanced diet, consider enhancing the Joy Cockatiel Seed Treat with additional fresh fruit and vegetables such as apples, oranges, silverbeet, and even dandelions. Never forget to provide your feathered friend with constant access to clean, fresh water for optimal hydration. Delight your cockatiel with this 300g treat from Planet Pet, supported by two decades of pet industry experience.

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