Perch Star Bird Toy

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Perch Star Bird Toy

Brand: Kazoo

Categories: Birds, Bird Toys



Introducing the Kazoo Perch Star Bird Toy

The Kazoo Perch Star Bird Toy is a vibrant and engaging addition to any bird lover’s collection. From the trusted brand Kazoo, this bird perch toy features a distinctive star design, making it ideal for providing mental and physical stimulation to small and medium-sized birds.

Features & Benefits

  • Eye-catching green and purple colours to attract birds
  • Five wireballs with a fun bell in the centre to offer auditory stimulation
  • Wheels that rotate, encouraging interactive play
  • Easy attachment to bird perches for added convenience

With its stimulating design and appealing colours, the Kazoo Perch Star Bird Toy is sure to become a favourite among feathered friends. The rotating wheels and bell within the wire balls not only entertain birds, but also help to keep them active and healthy by encouraging movement and play.

By choosing Planet Pet, customers can trust that they are purchasing high-quality, reliable pet products from a knowledgeable and experienced Australian company. The Kazoo Perch Star Bird Toy is yet another example of Planet Pet’s dedication to supplying pet owners with exceptional products that enhance the lives of their beloved pets.

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